Market for Coals

Presently, the major market for Makerwal's coal are local bricks kilns. Brick making is seasonal in nature, the demand increases from mid February to mid June and from mid September to mid December and decreases considerably in rest of the year.

There are around 15, 000 brick kilns spread over the country, out of which around 10, 000 brick kilns are working. About 60% of the brick kilns are located in the Punjab province and the 40% are shared by NWFP, Singh and Balochistan respectively.

Besides Makerwal, coal is supplied by the other mines of PMDC located in Sindh and Balochistan and several other private mines throughout the country. The coal from Makerwal is superior then other coal being supplied due to its high calorific value, good proportion of lumps, shiny appearance etc. Before the extension of natural gas in the area the adjoining Maple Leaf Cement Plant and Pak American Fertiliser plant were a major market for Makerwal coal. The proximity of the WAPDA high tension grid offers an opportunity for coal based power generation project at Makerwal for about a small 15 MW facility. An abundant supply of lime rock offers the opportunity for the establishment of a Cement Plant in this cement deficit area.