Introduction - Description of the Company

1. Legal Status

Makerwal Collieriries Limited (MCL) is an unlisted Public Limited Company. It is wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC).

2. Location

MCL is on of the oldest coal mining operation in the country, situated in Tehsil Isakel District Mianwali at a height 311 meters from sea level and connected with Bannu Mianwali Highway at Kamar Mashani by a 14 miles long metal led road. Makerwal is accessible by road from Islamabad and Lahore

Islamabad to Makerwal Islamabad, Rawat, Mandra, Chakwal, Talagang, Musakhel, Mianwali, Kot Chandn, Kamar Mashani and Makerwal.

Lahore to Makerwal Lahore, Sheikhpura, Khangah Dogran, Pindi Bhattian, Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali, Kot Chandna, Kamar Mashani and Makerwal.

3. Mechanical Workshop

The workshop is fully equipped with a mixture of relative new and old equipment i.e. lathes, shaping and milling machines. There is a small mould shop, blacksmith shop and carpenter facilities.

4. Electrical Workshop

Includes a small electric workshop with the capability to overhaul motors and transformers including flame proof items.

5. Water Pumps

Electrical driven pumps are used underground to pump water out of the mines and entries. At some point several stages of pumping are used drain out the water. Recently a corrsion phenomena in water pumps installed in mines has occurred due to the eruption of sulphur contents in water.

6. Water Supply

Water is supplied to the project from the borehole station at Baroch Nalla situated at a distance of 2 miles from Makerwal. The water is pumped to a reservoir near Bhyanwala and pumped to A & C sections. The D & E sections are supplied with water from road tankers. The housing colony is supplied water from its own overhead water tank.

7. Telephone Exchange

A telephone system is provided in the project offices with extension to officers colony and sections' officers except D & E sections. Signalling system are provided.

8. Road

The metalled/kattcha roads are available for transportation of men and materials up to the sections.

9. Rescue/Safety Station

A Rescue/Safety Station is established at Makerwal where rescue equipment and oxygen, self breathing apparatus are provided alongwith a team of Rescue Staff.

10. Schools

Two high schools, one for boys and one for girls are at Makerwal which are run by the Labour Welfare Organization and the company.

11. Housing Colony

The housing colony covers an area of 1058 kanals 6 Marlas and include the following structures:

B-Type Bunglows 2 Nos. for Executives

C-Type Bungalows 16 Nos. for Officers

D-Type Bungalows 19 Nos. for Supervisors

E-Type Quarters 70 Nos. for Staff

F-Type Quarters 246 Nos. for Staff